When it comes to homeowners and their gutter systems, we find that most people have zero clue whether or not their gutters are clogged and working properly. When it comes to gutters, knowing their health status is important to the overall health of your home. To maintain your gutters, all you need to do is follow a schedule of regular maintenance so you can find any issues before any major problems can occur.


When it comes to gutter cleaning there is a process to gutter maintenance. Listed are the good and bad habits associated with properly maintaining your gutters year round as a homeowner:

Clean your gutters at least twice a year. Of all the tasks we recommend today, this is by far the most important task you can complete on your gutter system because if leaves and debris start to build up in your gutters it can cause an issues with how water flows through your gutter system . Whenever there is precipitation water will start to build up inside your gutters, which can cause major water damage to the inside and outside of your house. Having a professional service your gutters twice a year ensures regular gutters system checkups.

If you haven’t already, make sure you invest in a complete gutter system. This means investing in some durable downspouts and reliable gutters made of material you know will last. We recommend putting downspout in multiple locations around your home. Downspouts are designed to take the flow of water away from the home. Downspouts and drains can be installed to help take water away from the home if needed.

Don’t let your pride get in the way. You may think you know how to complete all of your gutter maintenance and gutter repairs yourself, but not everyone has the appropriate knowledge or equipment to do so. Enlisting a gutter cleaning professional like Gutter Junkies Louisville, KY is a good idea because they are certified to get the job done right. Often times, a job becomes bigger than just your typical leaf removal, this is when your safety becomes a concern. Getting up on a ladder without the proper spotter there holding the ladder can lead to a fall or something more serious. Once Hired, we will take a close-up examination of your downspouts and gutters using the proper tools to help install, unclog, clear out, or fix anything wrong with your gutter system. Our expert team will even give you affordable gutter cleaning solutions to keep minor concerns from becoming major home issues in the future.

Don’t let minor issues that are easily avoidable become something expensive to fix. Gutter problems can escalate quickly to become a bigger issues with foundation, leaky roofs, or even a pest infestations. You should not neglect or let a small issue turn into a bigger problem. Call a full service gutter cleaning professional like Gutter Junkies right away.

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