Kentucky Derby Party Success in 5 Steps

Kentucky Derby Party Success
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Are you ready to plan for your Kentucky Derby Party success? Then, the first step is to call and schedule an outdoor power washing. After you’ve done that, then check out these steps for a successful good time!

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Kentucky Derby Party Success Steps

Decide on the Theme

Formal and fancy or casual and fun; the theme of your Derby party is entirely up to you! We’ve been to both formal and informal parties. In my opinion, the informal and casual events were much more fun! 

Pick out your colors. Considering all of the color schemes of the silks, you have a wide choice. Keep in mind that you’ll want your decorations and invitations to coordinate, so don’t go overboard! Here are a couple of color schemes I thought of after browsing Coolers.  Be sure to click on the Trending Color Palettes for more inspiration.

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Color Scheme Two
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Send Out Your Invitations

Consider using a private Facebook event to send out your party invitations. For those guests that aren’t on Facebook, check out the free electronic invitations from evite – all Kentucky Derby themed.

Design Your Menu

Will you be having a cookout or a pitch-in? We like a combination of both. We’ll do the grilling and guests bring side dishes or desserts.

You can also consider a themed menu with traditional items as Benedictine spread, Hot Browns, and pecan tarts.

Schedule Your Power Washing!

Spring is here, the Derby is only a few weeks away; you need to get your outdoor party space ready!

Plan Your Activities

There are many races leading up to the most exciting two minutes in sports. You can have guests pick winners and have fun and silly prizes available. 

Consider having a DIY Derby hat assembly station. Stock up on cardboard, newspaper, tape, fabric, sequins, ribbons, and artificial flowers. Make sure to have a “special” prize for the best in show!

Set aside an area of your party for selfies. You could end up with some creative photos of your guests! 

Test Your Technology

If you’re going to stream the races or provide music, then be sure to test your technology before the event. Always be considerate of your neighbors and keep the volume at a respectable level.