A typical gutter repair is if your gutter is leaking, loose or if the gutter has pulled away from the house and is hanging. This is what we call sagging gutters. All of these instances can typically be repaired in a few minutes or a few hours, with no problem.

Why is Gutter Repair Necessary?

Damage to your foundation occurs when a gutter is blocked and begins to overflow during a heavy rainstorm. Water will begin to pull and seep into your foundation. If this happens, it will weaken the structure of a building or house which will lead to bigger issues or even total foundation collapse.

Minor Gutter Repairs Handled By Gutter Junkies:

  • Gutter joint separation
  • Gutter clogged with debris
  • Gutter Leaks
  • Ice Build Up
  • Gutter slopes – Not sloping properly.
  • Downspout Issues
  • Plants or living animals in gutters

Complete Gutter Replacement

Gutter Replacement is a crucial part of home improvement. It is needed when your gutters are bent, broken, if there are small holes, or if it will be cheaper and more cost effective than total gutter replacement. If water is starting to overflow the front edge or sides of the gutter, it is clogged and needs to be cleaned out. Gutter troubles can cause some serious problems for your home’s foundation if left untreated.


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