What does gutter cleaning include?

Clean out gutters, check downspouts, clean up any debris and take them away with us.

What does gutter cleaning cost?

Gutter cleaning prices vary from house to house. Many factors are taken into consideration such as, roof pitch, height of house, etc.

What is the best gutter cleaning tool?

Hands and gloves. We occasionally use a water hose if needed but more often we use blowers.

How often should gutter cleaning be done?

We Recommend Cleaning Gutters Twice A year!

Why is gutter cleaning important?

  • Gutter Cleaning can prevent premature gutter system failure.
  • Clean Gutters Reduce soil erosion and foliage damage.
  • A clean gutter can prevent certain types of roof leaks from happening.
  • Clean gutters can guard against foundation erosion.
  • Clean Gutters can prevent basement flooding or other house flooding.

When Is the best time for gutter cleaning?

Most Gutter cleaning professionals will recommend cleaning out your gutters in the spring and in the fall. Spring brings warmer weather, which makes cleaning easier. Especially for those that live in cooler climates. Once everything has thawed out, give Gutter Junkies a Call!

What is the Gutter Cleaning Process?

Most of the work is done from the roof. Several crew members will work from the roof to scoop out any debris and grit from gutters while other crew members will work from the ground to clean debris that spills over. The process is quite quick when several crew members are working together and most jobs take less than 30 minutes.

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